The Barber Shop Club

The Barbershop Club is a one of a kind destination for all your grooming needs (you can check out their website Here). Their shop is located in the historic Farmer's Market at The Grove. I  decided to stop in for my first haircut and was amazed by the atmosphere and old school vibe that permeated throughout the shop. I was lucky enough to meet the owner of the shop, Woody Lovell Jr., who gave me some history and his vision behind The Barbershop Club.
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Cutting hair has run in Woody's family for over 60 years. Woody is sustaining the tradition he grew up around, with the idea of modernizing the barbershop, while also staying true to its roots. Walking into The Barbershop Club, you instantly feel at home with the smell of Bay Rum, red leather chairs, selvedge aprons, and the friendly barbers who feel like life-long friends. 

The Barbershop Club prides themselves on having a standard of service that you can expect each and every time you receive a cut. First, Woody gave me a clean high and tight after telling me that he has been working in a barber shop since he was nine years old. After the cut, Woody brushed off my neck and shoulders, before pulling out the old fashion straight razor for that perfect shave. Woody then threw a warm, lavender scented towel over my head while keeping me relaxed with a shoulder rub. He added the finishing touches by putting some Bay Rum on my neck for that fresh feeling. 

Normally when I get my hair cut, they take my money and tell me to get out. This was not the case at The Barbershop Club. After we finished up with my haircut Woody and I went outside to meet up with Erik Taylor, one of his most senior barbers.  In addition to his hair cutting talents, Erik is an excellent artist and showed us some of his new designs and logos for the shop that continue to keep The Barbershop Club at the top of their industry.

Next time you need your haircut or beard trimmed make your way over to 
The Barbershop Club.

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