Coffee Shop Walk

I am constantly changing my style trying to find news ways to wear my clothes, but some days it is nice to stay neutral. Any guy can wear a pair of cut off shorts and a cotton sweater. I chose to pair it with a pair of casual leather boots to add some pop. This look is comfortable, effortless, and appropriate for any summer occasion... 

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Washed Denim For Breakfast

 Early in the morning is when I get a lot of my work done. Wake up, grab some coffee, and get the day going. I spend a lot of time in Downtown going to different showrooms and meeting as many people as possible. I love exploring new styles and getting inspiration by just walking around the streets and looking at the people surrounding me...

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Launch Party

Last Thursday Matt and I hosted the official launch party for Born and Raised. We held the event at Ebanos Crossing in Downtown, Los Angeles. Sponsoring the party were a few of my favorite up and coming brands and my close friends. Pocket Square ClothingFirst & Company, Lura, and OPNK were all there debuting some of their new product for the rest of the party to see. We also had Men's Fashion Post as a media outlet and the amazing photographer Michael Hope to take photos throughout the night. Check out more photos below to see everyone who stopped by the party.

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Concrete Jungle

I am not normally the type to stick to one particular style. I love mixing different shades of colors together, wearing both slim and oversized clothes, and of course throwing on a classy pair of oxford shoes. I am constantly playing dress up, looking for new combinations and styles to try out...

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Green Bandit

Green is a great spring color because you can match it with just about anything. I have been really into olive and forest greens that really pop off your body. I wanted to stay simple so I put on a pair of high top Pro-Keds, a pair of olive chinos, and a white t-shirt. I was in a green mood so I brought along a waxed canvas briefcase and one of my favorite sport coats...

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The Adult Field Trip

 The Adult Field Trip Initiative, hosted by our friend The Gentleman Alphonse, was created to bring friends together to explore Los Angeles in ways we don't normally think about since we live here. We spent our "Extra Credit" outing at the Griffith Observatory, which I had never been too. Born and Raised is all about working together with people who we consider friends before business acquaintances...
Stay tuned for the next Adult Field Trip!

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Born and Raised: Psihii

Every man needs accessories to compliment what he will be wearing for the day. You can always wear a watch everyday, but bracelets add more variety to the outfit. Recently I came across Psihii bracelets and instantly fell in love. They are well crafted, stylish, and are perfect for everyday life...

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Matt's Drink Of The Week: Tipsy Palmer

The Bourbon Arnold Palmer (Tipsy Palmer) is the perfect refreshing drink for any hot day. All you need to do is mix a double shot of Maker's Mark and a 1/3 can of Arizona's Arnold Palmer, and there you have it! Make sure you use whiskey stones instead of ice, as to prevent dilution of your tasty refreshment...

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Parks and Recreation

 Whenever I have some free time, I like to walk around and explore everything Los Angeles has to offer.Today I had the opportunity to explore Pershing Square Park and Grand Central Market.
 I wanted to stay comfortable so I threw on a pair of slip on Vans, straight leg pants, and a light weight raglan t-shirt. 
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DTLA Weekend

Downtown, Los Angeles always has something going and that is why I love it so much. Constantly there are sidewalk events, pop up shops, and so many showrooms you wouldn't know where to start. Last weekend Downtown hosted both Shop Walk DTLA and Unique LA...

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Orange Is The New Black

Orange is one of my favorite colors and I don't wear it enough! It can turn any look from dull to exciting. Spruce up your jeans and t-shirt with some color! Put on a pair of orange socks with your suit, wear an orange belt with your jeans, or grab an orange sweater like me. 

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Sitting Pool Side

Downtown Los Angeles has some amazing views. On nice days I like to head up to my rooftop, dip my feet in the pool, and enjoy the California weather...

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Born And Raised: Satch And Fable

It's difficult to find a leather bag that you can have look either casual or classy. Luckily I have found the perfect bag for any guy to carry around. Satch and Fable is a brand I have recently been very fond of. They make their bags from scratch and do everything by hand, making it so every bag is one of a kind. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with the owner of Satch and Fable, Fabrizio Giuliani, who explained the concept of Wabi-Sabi. 
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