Spring Street Walk

Downtown LA has so much to offer. Today, I walked down Spring Street to see what I could find. While walking, I came across the LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes, a Mexican-American Museum in the cultural center. Most of the museum was outside in a beautiful garden filled with statues and cultural information explaining the Mexican-American culture. 
After finishing up at the museum, I kept walking around until I found a street filled with lights that go on at night. It was a very serene place to relax and enjoy the sunset...

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CASE to Los Angeles

 Growing up in New England, I was surrounded by prep school culture and had the privilege to attend the Millbrook School. My dorm's colors were red, black, and white and we had these t-shirts made for all of us. This one happens to be a friend of mine's, but it is always fun to dig through your old clothes and find things that you may have forgotten about...

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Gloomy LA

Today was one of those rare, gloomy days in Los Angeles. We found a great location with a superb view of the Downtown skyline and some awesome floral street art. The white, sleeveless hoodie and black t-shirt really stood out well against the scheme of green in the background. It is always safe to wear neutrals, but if you wear them properly, they can stand out to look better than some of your more extravagant looks. 

Contemporary, but Bold...

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