"Call It What You Want It"

On occasion, I like to step outside the box and wear something that I wouldn't consider to fit within my own style. In order to find something truly unique, of course I had to stop by The Gents Closet again and see our good friend Manny J. Manny showed us this incredible tall-T, adorned in nautical flags, from his private collection. The soft cotton material is hands-down one of the most comfortable things I have ever worn. We have been waiting on the edge of our seats for the full release of  #ThreadHaus and the time is almost here...

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Born Ninja, Raised Man

I am always on the hunt for new styles of clothing and unique ways to style what I already own. Our good friend Manny, from The Gents Closet, is always up to date with the new trends. Every time we stop by his showroom, it is filled with such a distinct variety of clothing that anyone can easily find something to feel comfortable in. I fell in love with this hoodie/robe combination that was designed by Manny himself, which is unbelievably distinguishable from anything else I have ever seen...

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Sunday Flee Market

The Arts District hosts one of the most unique flea markets I have ever been to, every Friday through Sunday. We had been itching to check it out, Matt and myself decided to make the short drive over there. The Arts District Flea Market plays home to a wide array of unique goods that cover all mediums, such as antiques, vintage clothing, and art. After spending some time browsing through all the hand-crafted goods the flea market had to offer, we decided to grab some lunch and check out the awesome street art on the way. As you may have noticed in our previous posts, both of us are a little obsessed with graffiti...

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Bank Robbing

Street style has become bigger than ever in the last few years. Graphic t-shirts, snapbacks, and of course a fresh pair of sneakers. When I am relaxing I like to get into a comfortable sweatshirt, a good pair of jeans, and a comfy pair of boots/sneakers. I put on my Lightning Boy hat because I wanted to spend the night without hair gel. Whether it is street wear, runway, or formal, comfort is always an issue for me...

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Born and Raise: Amos Brand

Quality leather goods are tough to come by these days, with so much convolution in the industry. We were lucky enough to stumble upon Amos and their excellent quality leather goods that are both masculine and practical at the same time. Amos hand makes every bag and accessory they sell, making each item personal to the customer. To make your item even more unique, they offer FREE monogramming on their products to give that extra unique touch. Their Eli Weekender duffle bag is perfect for travel since it is fairly compact, yet has plenty of space and compartments to store all of your necessities. Go check out the rest of Amos' leather goods Here
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Dirty DIY

Matt and I left Downtown LA to go exploring around Los Angeles County. We made our way south to Whittier, and stumbled upon a bunch of oil drills in the middle of a residential community. On a warm day I wanted to keep it light with a t-shirt and a short sleeve oxford shirt. To match the dirty scenery, I put on a pair of old ripped up jeans and some brown double monks. I tend to do a lot of "Do It Yourself" projects in my free time...

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Tattoo Daydreams

I have really been into the 1950's classic men's street style lately. Keep it simple with a plain black t-shirt, cuffed up chinos and a nice pair of burgundy wing tips. Outside of fashion, I have always been intrigued by the uniqueness and individuality encompassed in tattoos. Even though I only have a few, I love the skill and intintricacies that the artists use...

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Modern Prep

Although I wear a wide array of styles, I always like to go back to my preppy, East Coast roots with which I was Born and Raised. Growing up in New England I was surrounded by prepsters who wore seersucker, bright pastels, and penny loafers on a regular basis. I decided to play tourist and take a stroll through Beverly Hills wearing my vintage Ralph Lauren Polo, while sporting my new Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger bag...

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Matt's Drink: Coco Light Martini

2 ounces unsweetened coconut water
2 ounces Svedka Colada Vodka
1 ounce pineapple juice
1/4 ounce lime juice

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