The Barber Shop Club

The Barbershop Club is a one of a kind destination for all your grooming needs (you can check out their website Here). Their shop is located in the historic Farmer's Market at The Grove. I  decided to stop in for my first haircut and was amazed by the atmosphere and old school vibe that permeated throughout the shop. I was lucky enough to meet the owner of the shop, Woody Lovell Jr., who gave me some history and his vision behind The Barbershop Club.
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Born and Raised: Love Is Earth

Living in Los Angeles, there are endless styles to explore. Kim at Media Playground PR in Downtown Los Angeles is always keeping us up to date on the newest brands she is working with... 
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Born and Raised: Sub-Urban RIOT

 Whether you are going on a jog or just walking around the streets, we think it is always important to be comfortable...
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Coachella Weekend

Cruising through Palm Springs for the weekend. Cut off your chinos, throw on a tank, and class it up with a pair of loafers. 
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Welcome To Born And Raised!

 Welcome to Born and Raised! Spring is here so we decided to take a walk through the Arts District and enjoy the weather.
 Keep it casual and classy at the same time by wearing a pair of double monks, dotted socks, and cuffed selvedge denim. 

Glasses: Ray Ban
Necklace: Maritime Supply Co.
Shirt: Zanerobe
Jeans: J. Crew
Socks: J. McLaughlin
Shoes: Johnston & Murphey