Washed Denim For Breakfast

 Early in the morning is when I get a lot of my work done. Wake up, grab some coffee, and get the day going. I spend a lot of time in Downtown going to different showrooms and meeting as many people as possible. I love exploring new styles and getting inspiration by just walking around the streets and looking at the people surrounding me...

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 Over the winter I was really into selvedge denim because of how well it broke into the shape of my body making them almost like custom jeans. Recently, I have been really into washed denim for the spring/summer season. I found these washed Nana Judy joggers and instantly fell in love with them. They are comfortable, go with anything, and fit to your body like you had been wearing them for years. 

 Jacket: Wallace & Barnes
Pants: Nana Judy
Shoes: Brooks
T-Shirt: Brooks Brothers

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