Modern Prep

Although I wear a wide array of styles, I always like to go back to my preppy, East Coast roots with which I was Born and Raised. Growing up in New England I was surrounded by prepsters who wore seersucker, bright pastels, and penny loafers on a regular basis. I decided to play tourist and take a stroll through Beverly Hills wearing my vintage Ralph Lauren Polo, while sporting my new Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger bag...

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Spring and Summer are ideal times of year to showcase your preppy style. No matter your style, its easy to throw on a vintage polo and some chinos to enjoy the weather, sight see or relax at a barbecue with friends. My twenty year old polo shirt has still retained its great qualities throughout the years. I matched my vintage polo with a classic pair of ripped up, painted chinos. Regardless of the wear and tear on your wardrobe, matching your vintage clothing properly will create a great outfit! Be on the lookout for other preppy styles I will be debuting throughout the Summer season.

 Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Jacket: Levis
Shorts: J.Crew
Socks: Rock My Socks
Shoes: Cordwain
Pocket Square: Pocket Square Clothing

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