Sunday Flee Market

The Arts District hosts one of the most unique flea markets I have ever been to, every Friday through Sunday. We had been itching to check it out, Matt and myself decided to make the short drive over there. The Arts District Flea Market plays home to a wide array of unique goods that cover all mediums, such as antiques, vintage clothing, and art. After spending some time browsing through all the hand-crafted goods the flea market had to offer, we decided to grab some lunch and check out the awesome street art on the way. As you may have noticed in our previous posts, both of us are a little obsessed with graffiti...

(Read more below to see more of the art we saw)

Blue is one of my favorite colors to wear. Just about every morning when I'm selecting my attire for the day, I seem to stumble upon something with a shade of blue in it. Today, I decided to wear a wide range of blues. Here, I am wearing a simple blue and white stripe button down, teal light weight joggers, and my most comfortable pair of navy, tassel loafers. There is nothing wrong with wearing various shades of the same base color, as long as you accompany the outfit with complimenting accessories. Brown glasses, leather watch strap, and my new favorite yellow phone case from Exo. 

Enjoy the spectacular artwork on this mundane Tuesday!

Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Pants: Azul
Shoes: Topman
Watch: Tisot

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