Parks and Recreation

 Whenever I have some free time, I like to walk around and explore everything Los Angeles has to offer.Today I had the opportunity to explore Pershing Square Park and Grand Central Market.
 I wanted to stay comfortable so I threw on a pair of slip on Vans, straight leg pants, and a light weight raglan t-shirt. 
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Pershing Square is a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery. It is hard to say no to picnic tables, waterfalls, and fresh cut grass when the concrete jungle of downtown surrounds you. 
The original slip on checkered Vans have always been a classic. Vans are a great shoe for any man whether they are navy lace ups or floral slip ons, they can compliment any outfit.

 Grand Central Market may be my new favorite destination in Downtown, Los Angeles. This place is filled with every type of food you could imagine, fresh fruit, and trendy people. 

Shirt: Under Two Flags
Pants: Azul by mousy
Sunglasses: Vintage
Bracelets: Psihii
Shoes: Vans

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