Matt's Drink Of The Week: Tipsy Palmer

The Bourbon Arnold Palmer (Tipsy Palmer) is the perfect refreshing drink for any hot day. All you need to do is mix a double shot of Maker's Mark and a 1/3 can of Arizona's Arnold Palmer, and there you have it! Make sure you use whiskey stones instead of ice, as to prevent dilution of your tasty refreshment...

 (Read more below for full ingredients)

Bourbon Arnold Palmer Ingredients: 
1 Whiskey Glass
4 Whiskey Stones
1 double shot of Maker's Mark Whiskey
1/3 can of Arizona Arnold Palmer

You can drink it while relaxing at the pool, barbecuing or hanging at home with your friends. No matter what you have planned this weekend, make sure to try out this  thirst-quenching cocktail.

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