The Adult Field Trip

 The Adult Field Trip Initiative, hosted by our friend The Gentleman Alphonse, was created to bring friends together to explore Los Angeles in ways we don't normally think about since we live here. We spent our "Extra Credit" outing at the Griffith Observatory, which I had never been too. Born and Raised is all about working together with people who we consider friends before business acquaintances...
Stay tuned for the next Adult Field Trip!

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 Griffith Observatory is an amazing astronomy center that, in addition to its gorgeous view, has a plethora of artifacts and scientific tools which will satisfy your thirst for knowledge. We spent the afternoon with our good friends Alphonse, Rome Castille, Donovan Briggs, and Andrew and Rodolfo from Pocket Square Clothing. These gentlemen all represent the next wave of menswear and style icons. Alphonse is a magician, plain and simple. Whatever it is that one may need help with, Alphonse will find results. Rome Castille is an up and coming rap artist with Donovan Briggs creating the magic. Rodolfo and Andrew, the founders of Pocket Square Clothing, have pushed men's accessories to a new level with their unique pocket squares and ties. 
 All of us are constantly on the move trying to push forward in our industry, and its difficult to find time for us to all get together. This was a great opportunity to take a break and enjoy the wonderful city around us. We spent the day enjoying the beautiful view and soaking in some knowledge. At the end of the afternoon, we took a short sunset hike to get the blood flowing and stargaze (as much as possible in this city!). It made me feel like a little kid again! It was amazing to finally be able to explore Griffith Observatory. Thanks again Alphonse!
Alphonse taking selfies with Einstein. 
Mr. Rome Castille always killing it with his dapper style.
Walking back in style...

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