Born and Raised: Psihii

Every man needs accessories to compliment what he will be wearing for the day. You can always wear a watch everyday, but bracelets add more variety to the outfit. Recently I came across Psihii bracelets and instantly fell in love. They are well crafted, stylish, and are perfect for everyday life...

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Psihii (Pronounced Psee/Hee) are handcrafted bracelets by the Canadian couple, Konstintina and Andrew. These stylish bracelets are the accessories that every man and woman need in their wardrobe. I love the way they look when stacking two or three together, but they are also perfect to be worn individually. With Psihii, there are endless combinations of colors and styles that compliment any outfit. Psihii bracelets are created using a variation of precious and semi-precious stones, metals, crystals and beads. Stay tuned for their new designs coming out for the summer!
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