Mayan Tall T's

Too many men ignore the fact that it is possible to put together a smart, sophisticated outfit, while still maintaining a high level of comfort. Today, I chose to do some layering! I dressed in a black thermal, under an elongated henley tank top, and a sports coat. While adorning the jacket, the look becomes a bit more formal; and when it's only the layered shirts, the look converts to something a bit more casual. The outfit is comfortable and trendy, but still contemporary enough that it is widely approachable. Pair it with a comfortable pair of sneakers and some relaxed chinos to ensure a great ensemble...

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 Accessorizing a sports coat with a lapel pin that pops and a distinctive pocket square can take a well-put-together outfit and make it something spectacular. I decided to stay straightforward and modern with a plain white pocket square, to compliment my shirt, and a yellow lapel button, to affix some color in the outfit. If you are looking for some truly unique lapel pins in a variety of colors, go check out our good friend The Modern Gallant Here.
Jacket: Zara
Undershirt: Azul
T-Shirt: Matiere
Pants: J.Crew
Sneakers: Radii
Lapel Pin: The Modern Gallant
Pocket Square: Pocket Square Clothing
Bracelets: Psihii

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