Four New Accessories

When it comes to accessories, we are always willing to look outside the confined box of your typical styles. Recently, we came across four companies that each ply their trade in a unique way. Considering I do not usually wear socks, and Matt is picky about the ones he does wear, we had to choose wisely. Unique and craftily colored socks can make an outfit look perfect from just the knee down.

Unsimply Stitched is a sock company based out of Los Angeles, who prides themselves on creating unique designs in a variety of colorways as to always keep their customers salivating at what style they will see next. The company has been around only for a couple years now, and they are itching at the chance to take Unsimply Stitched to the next level.

Rock My Socks is an Australian based sock company, in which owners Sean and Crystal wanted to bust out of the mold of corporate, mundane socks. They have taken those basic, timeless patterns, and reinvented these classics into something comfortable and colorful.

As far as jewelry goes, watches and bracelets are always on our list of adornments. However, recently we have been looking for necklaces that give a unique take on a tried and tested idea. West Paris Clothing, whose name is derived from what Detroit was referred to back when it was at the top of the fashion industry in America, have incorporated exotic leathers and graffiti into dog tags. We have never seen this idea being used on this medium, and it is refreshing to say the least! The varying patterns of the leather on each tag is something which helps to create a truly individual item for each customer.

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Shoes come in a wide array of varieties and colors, but majority of people do not even consider the prospect of what their shoes would look like in different style laces. Mavericks Laces, another Australian based company, has been able to craft endless amounts of styles and colors of laces to be used in both casual and dress shoes. 

Be sure to check out all four of these companies at their websites: Unsimply StitchedWest Paris ClothingRock My Socks, and Mavericks Laces...

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