Prendy: prend-y [pren-dee], adjective,  prend-i-er, prend-i-est
             1.         A cross between "Preppy" and "Trendy" styles. 

Our goal at Born and Raised is to engage as many different styles as we can, yet continue to showcase them in a way that is more practical for the "everyday man." Today, I decided to dress myself up in a casual button down shirt, sport coat, a pair of joggers, and an old pair of Keds. Normally when dressing with a blazer, I tend to compliment it with slacks and a pair of loafers. However, I wanted to go outside the box a little and play around with some mixing of styles. By adorning my camo joggers and a pair of sneakers, I was able to transform this look into something that isn't necessarily a look you see everyday. This is a presentable look that you can wear on a variety occasions. It is contemporary, but at the same time has a nice twist to make it stand out...

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Accessories are a stylish mans' must have when getting dressed in the morning. Whether it is jewelry, a pocket square or a lapel pin, these little things can make an outfit jump from mediocre to outstanding. I made this pocket square myself with an old bandanna I had laying around. Don't be so quick to throw away your old shirts or bags, as you can always cut it down to the size of a pocket square and take credit for doing it yourself (DIY). 
Lapel pins are great as well. For some men they may be a little much, but for a casual occasion they are a perfect twist to an ordinary jacket. I use lapel pins not only for my jackets, but also my sweaters and some of my shirts. If you want to see more cool lapel pins go check out our good friend The Modern Gallant Here.
Shirt: J.Crew
Jacket: Zara
Lapel Pin: The Modern Gallant
Pants: Zanerobe
Shoes: Keds
Bracelets: Psihii
Pocket Square: DIY
Glasses: Vintage

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