The Legend Of Born And Raised

I recently re-watched the movie "The Legend of Bagger Vance," and garnered inspiration from the timeless looks in the film. In the movie, Matt Damon plays a young golfer who becomes a hometown hero by winning a match between himself and the two best golfers in the world. While playing golf, all the men show up properly dressed, typically wearing a button down shirt, suit pants, and a sweaters. Matt Damon always sported a tucked-in tie, unlike any of the other characters in the film. I decided to try and conjure up the look myself, but instead of wearing slacks, I want to change things up a bit by wearing an ultra-comfortable pair of sweats I just got from My Vice Sweats...

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 Most people think sweat pants are for lounging around the house or going to the gym, but I think if you have the right pair you can wear them out and about. My Vice Sweats creates premium sweat pants that maintain the comfortable level, but create a look as to where they can be considered street fashion. They come in all different styles including drop crouch, loose fit, slim fit, polka dot, camp, ect. If you are looking to invest, throw away your old Champion sweat pants that you have had for the last five years and get fresh pair of sweats that are more versatile for your everyday life. If you want to check out more of My Vice Sweats click Here.
Glasses: Born and Raised
Shirt: J.Crew
Tie: J.Crew
Watch: Tisot
Bracelets: Psihii
Sweat Pants: My Vice Sweats
Ipad Case: Herschel
Phone Case: Exo

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