Matt's Drink Of The Week: Bloody Sunday

Born and Raised Bloody

- Vodka
- Bloody Mary Mix
- Wet Fart Hot Sauce
- Tajin Clasico Seasoning
- Horseradish
- Pepper
- Worcestershire Sauce
- Celery, pickle and olives
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So I woke up this morning starving, but had no idea what I wanted to eat. We decided to head over to Good Microbrew & Grill in Silverlake to grab brunch. Upon arrival, I was excited to see they had a DIY Bloody Mary bar. What better way to fight hunger than a meal in a glass! They had a wide array of delectable treats to create my morning concoction. I decided to go with something extra spicy and adding the horseradish definitely took it up a notch.

Good's Peaches Badass Breakfast Sandwhich complimented the drink perfectly. The combination of avocado, turkey sausage, tomato, fried egg and Saddam Insane hot sauce on a butter croissant was absolutely amazing. After chowing down the sandwhich and two of those bad boys I was down for the count! 

Next time you are craving a Bloody Mary be sure to try out our Born and Raised Bloody Mary recipe to, as Emeril would say, "Kick it up a notch!"

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