Viva Las Vegas!

Last week was a great week for Born and Raised. Not only was it my birthday, but we also had the opportunity to attend Liberty Fairs, Agenda, and Capsule shows in Las Vegas. It was my first time in Las Vegas and both of our first times experiencing these amazing shows.
We had the opportunity to meet so many nice people, some of our fashion idols, and an innumerable amount of brands that were debuting their new spring/fall lines. People like Nick Wooster, Avec Ces Freres, and the rest of the BK Circus all attended, making the experience even more memorable.
Our good friends from OPNK, Pocket Square Clothing, VII Winners and MRKT were all at the show helping us find our way.

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 Born and Raised is all about meeting new people and exploring the lifestyles of others to give inspiration for my own personal style. Agenda and Liberty truly gave us a new perspective on the fashion environment. Everyone was so friendly and were just as curious about our fashion blog as we were about their brands. So many different styles to look through, and some very creative design teams producing unique product that I had never seen before. Alongside all the brands there was also media outlets, food vendors, and and endless amounts of samples to try. 
One of our favorite brands we came across was Red's Sunglasses. A company that has a similar concept as we do. The owner, Brian, spoke to us in depth about the desire to continue to grow the company organically, which includes some very exciting upcoming collaborations! It is brands like these that should inspire others to take their own unique approach to any venture they choose to undertake. The best part was, Brian took Polaroid photos of both Matt and I wearing their glasses to post on their bulletin board. 
 Rodolfo and Andrew, the two owners of Pocket Square Clothing.
 Andrew and Noah, the creative minds behind OPNK.
Finally finished up my birthday week with Matt's upcoming Drink Of The Week.

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