It's a Jungle Out There

August is here and we are ready to Bring The Noise! August is one of my favorite months of the year not only because it is my birthday, but it is also when all the new fall/winter styles start to come out. Although we are in beautiful California I still wanted to give you a taste of what I will be wearing for the fall. Here I am layering different aspects of the outfit to show all the unique styles...

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I stumbled upon the company SupremeBeing through our good friends at Media Playground and was inspired by their approach to the street wear industry. They run the gamut on menswear, covering everything from sneakers to raincoats. This brand really has the whole package.
I put on a pair of Paper Back muted, yellow chinos to add some basic color into this look. Chinos never go out of style and they are a great alternative to denim. I love Paper Back because the material is soft and they carry a lot of colors, patterns, and even some tie dye shorts. These are definitely a pair to check out!

 Glasses: Retro Super Futur
Rain Coat: Supreme Being
Sweater: Supreme Being
T-Shirt: Supreme Being
Pants: Paper Back
Shoes: Supreme Being
Bracelets: Psihii

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