All Aboard!!

Lions, and tigers, and bears oh my! In this case, I only had to deal with the tiger on my sweater. Today I went to explore Matt's new apartment at Belmont Station. Although there is only a mural left, it is a great place to come and see. The historical Belmont Station has been out of commission for decades now, but there is plenty of history to discover. I thoroughly enjoy pairing my outfits with my surroundings. In this case, I went with this graphic tiger sweater and plain white chinos. Black and white compliment the red and yellow from the mural.
One of our favorite new affordable shoe companies we stumbled across is Giorgio Brutini. Whether it be snake skin loafers like these, something more casual, or even something fancier, they have it all! These shoes in particular have a soft snake skin out sole with a great leather in sole making them perfect if you enjoy wearing your shoes with no socks like I do. 

I love animal prints, but they have to be worn in the right way. I see a lot of people mix and matching different animal prints, which simply looks like they are a walking zoo! I wanted to show a simple way where you can have a tiger on your sweater, and make that stand out in itself. If you  add a pair of simple white chinos and a pair of loafers it makes it perfect for any casual occasion.
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Glasses: Ray Bane
Sweater: Supreme Being
T-Shirt: Supreme Being
Pants: Paper Back
Bracelets: Psihii

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